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Take advantage of our free online NAICS and SIC Code Search Tools to determine your Company's NAICS and SIC Code - Search by Keyword or Drill Down by Industry. Click here to view the SBA's Small Business Size Standards.

NAICS Association is the Number One provider of Database Enhancement Services in the US including NAICS Information Appends, and are a leading provider of the highest quality domestic and international Custom Marketing ListsNAICS and SIC Lists, Consumer Lists and E-mail Lists.

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NAICS Association Updates

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August 20, 2012:The official 2012 Naics Manual - Valid through 2017!

Sept 20, 2011:Now available for download: The 2012-2007 Concordance by the Office of Management and Budget and the new 2012 NAICS Structure.

NAICS & SIC Products and Services

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Data Enhancement & Data Validation

Take advantage of our data quality solutions - Data Enhancement and Data Validation to ensure that your data is accurate and complete. Append NAICS and SIC Codes, perform address standardization, data cleansing, CASS Certification, NCOA and much more.

Targeted Marketing Lists

Utilizing the most comprehensive, updated information available, we are a leading provider of current and accurate Business Marketing Lists, NAICS & SIC Lists and Consumer Marketing Lists. With complete profiles on over 19 million U.S. companies and 80-million businesses world-wide we can create custom lists using almost any criteria.

NAICS Reference Files

Current lists of NAICS Codes and Descriptions in Numerical Order, NAICS Alphabetic Keyword List, SIC to NAICS and NAICS to SIC Crosswalks and SIC Codes and descriptions listed Numerically.

2012 NAICS Manual and SIC Manual

Now Available! Handy reference that includes NAICS descriptions by sector and code, information on NAICS structure, alphabetic keyword index, and tables comparing NAICS and SIC. Choose from hard and soft cover manuals. Valid through 2017.

"Exclusive" Electronic U.S. NAICS Manual

All the information from the manual plus…

  • More than 30,000 cross reference links
  • Available for immediate download
  • Easily find any code, keyword, or title
  • Full featured reference software
  • Also includes full .XLS reference files

Business Directories

Our Business Directories include online access to provide you with complete company profiles on over 16-million U.S. businesses.